Friday, March 12, 2010

Convert>ables Bath Accessories

There are times (historic moments) in every industry when a new twist (innovation) on a familiar product forever changes both the product and the industry. In case you haven’t heard, that time has arrived for towel bars. The industry is now seeking to regain its footing after the ingenious design produced by Nifty Nob. Thanks to Nifty Nob, towel bars have never been easier to install!  With no clips or set screws, the Convert>ables towel bars install in just three incredibly easy steps. First you mark the location on your wall through the pre-drilled holes, then you mount your flange and finally snuggly screw down the plate. That's it!  But that's not all! The innovative Convert>ables design holds your bar in place through heavy wet towel after towel. Once you install it, you will never have to touch your towel bar again. Move on over you straight and narrow, hard to install, easy to un-install just by pulling down on them, run-of-the-mill towel bars! 

Make room for the styling bath accessory line from Nifty Nob . . . the Convert>ables With one turn of a nob, the bath accessory industry has been turned on its head. Never before has such a sensible and economical design been available. Re-doing your bathroom YOUR way has never been easier or more affordable.  Think a towel bar is a towel bar is a towel bar? It’s easy to do if you go to any major outlet store, where a small number of brand names produce slight variations on the same old theme. You can choose between polished chrome, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and brass, but customizing the bar to match your color scheme or kid’s favorite animal or hobby? It's not even on the menu. Well, you haven’t been visiting the right bath house. Check out and their new line of Convert>ables. The post hardware is designed so that the knobs can be swapped out with any Nifty Nob or standard threaded knob, allowing you endless variations in your bathroom d├ęcor without ever changing the actual towel bar.

With their keen eye for detail, utility and value, Nifty Nob's Convert>ables has made a unique and valuable contribution to the industry and erased many of the issues that have made towel bar installation an unpleasant chore. This patented, superior quality product line is only available online at Nifty Nob is a privately owned company that’s been in the business of making nifty knobs, bars, hooks, rings and accessories for over seventeen years. Do yourself and your bathroom a favor, and check them out!

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