Saturday, May 8, 2010

10 Easy Kitchen Improvements

1.       Replace your kitchen knobs with something more creative that fits your tastes. If your kitchen is color oriented, then buy knobs that match those colors. Knobs usually run between $8 and $30.

Frosted glass knob

2.       Add contact paper to your cabinets. It makes it easy to clean them and look nice. Contact paper usually runs around $10 a roll. Get it here.

3.       Get tall colored  or clear glass jars to fill with things such as beans, spaghetti, cookies, crackers, etc. It gives you easy access to dry food, look nice and frees up space in your cabinets. These cost $5 and up. Get them here.

4.       Paint the cabinets if they are old. You can also add flair by using stencils to add flowering patterns or designs. If you are going to use stencils I suggest going with white paint for the background.

5.       Change the lighting to mellower warmer colors which will add to the feel of the kitchen.

6.       Add small potted plants to your kitchen windows sill. Usually the window is near the sink which makes it easy to water them.

7.       Add  lights inside your cabinets. You can pick up small lights that you press the cover to turn on and they stick anywhere. They usually cost around $11. You can find them here.

8.       Replace your dishwasher detergent with phosphorous free versions to help the ground water.

Russian Spoons

9.       Buy Russian Khokhloma spoons to decorate above your stove. They are beautiful and only cost around $11. Buy some spoons here.

10.   Add a pretty mat in front of the sink to collect water and make it easier to sweep your floors. Check out the floor mats here.

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